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Discover Our Early Childhood Dance Classes in Wilmington

Woman and children dancing

Our Dance Programs

Explore our variety of early childhood dance classes in Wilmington, NC. From creative movement to ballet, our classes are designed to nurture creativity and coordination in babies, toddlers and preschoolers, and elementary age children.

Little Leaps offers child-and-caregiver programs as well as independent child programs in :

  • Creative Movement

  • Ballet

  • Tap

  • Jazz

  • Musical Theater

By combining exploration and discovery with dance and music, our programs support the critical connection between music, movement and development in children during their early, developmental years. 

Why Choose Little Leaps?

At Little Leaps, we are committed to enriching our community through exceptional early childhood dance education. Our mission is to spread joy and inspire growth in children through dance and movement.

Girl in Dance Class

Expert Led Programs

Founded by Carrie L. Smith, with over 25 years of teaching experience, our classes incorporate innovative methods like Intellidance® and Little Limelight  to cater to young children's developmental needs

Holistic Development

Our classes, ranging from creative movement to ballet, focus on fostering physical, emotional, and social growth, ensuring each child’s well-rounded development.

Nurturing Environment:

Mom holding a baby

As a More Than Just Great Dancing™ affiliated dance studio, we subscribe to a high standard of dance instruction. We create a safe, supportive atmosphere where children feel encouraged to express themselves, build confidence, develop friendships, and learn life skills through the performing arts.

At Little Leaps we believe in personal touches and extra details that make sure our students  know how important they are. We believe in clear communication, offering grace, and teaching life lessons through dance and arts.

You Matter to Us!

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