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After 20 years of dedication to her Connecticut dance studio, Carrie L. Smith embarked on a transformative journey in 2022. Selling her studio and moving to Wilmington, NC, she set her sights on her true purpose – to create a haven where tiny feet could find their beat, a place now known as Little Leaps.

With a mission to provide developmentally appropriate, holistic performing arts programs for children, Carrie crafted a curriculum that blends the fundamentals of dance with imaginative play. From ballet to tap, jazz, musical theater, and creative movement, every class at Little Leaps is an adventure in discovery and development. 

"Where tiny feet find their beat," encapsulates the essence of Little Leaps. It is not just about teaching dance; it is about creating an environment where each child can discover their own rhythm. Through carefully curated programs and a commitment to each child's unique journey, Little Leaps is a place where tiny feet not only find their beat, they build a foundation for a future filled with confidence, self-expression, growth, and success.

Carrie’s decision to move to Wilmington was not just a geographical shift; it was a commitment to building a community that values the holistic development of young minds and bodies. From lively parent-child dance classes to imaginative play infused with music, Little Leaps is more than a dance school – it is a community dedicated to nurturing the whole child.

Carrie L. Smith,
Little Leaps Founder, CEO and Lead Educator

Miss Carrie has been sharing her love for dance with children for over 25 years. Originally from Barnstable, MA, Carrie began her dance training at the Cape Cod Conservatory. She graduated from Walnut Hill School for the Arts in Natick, MA and earned her B.A. in dance performance and choreography from Connecticut College. Carrie discovered a passion for teaching young children as the owner and lead early childhood educator at The Dance Corner in Killingworth, CT. Carrie is a More Than Just Great Dancing certified coach, a qualified member of Dance Educators of America and a certified Intellidance instructor.  When she is not teaching little movers, Carrie loves sharing her business experiences and knowledge with small business owners to help them thrive. 

Baby sitting on floor holding egg shakers with adults smiling behind her
A picture of Carrie L. Smith

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